Positivity - Privacy and Productivity - for long term Stability


Positive - Always: This patent pending form of communications is only to be used within the intent of its purpose. That purpose is wholly and totally for positive means. In this, we have taken every step to assure that personal privacy will not be diminished. In addition: We declare that our systems are not to be used for criminal, political, or any divisive purpose.

The logic of our ultra neutral perspective is our need to remain an avenue which any can cross, as long as the outcome is positive. In other words, no matter what is done off our roads, what occurs on them must be a benefit, minus any detriment. Easier said than done, we fully understand; nevertheless, it is a goal we will strive to reach.


Private: The videos are owned by the individuals or companies who sponsor the hosts, however these events must fall within our company guidelines. Public postings are on a case by case basis, yet will be the responsibility of the owners of each video.

To be clear what our guidelines are: Our recordings are no different than a two people walking down the street together. Both have eyes, and can see, both have ears that can hear. They will see the public and hear the public. This is normal. What is not normal or allowable in our systems, are secret recordings of people, places and events, for or against, individuals, groups or nations. We are not an espionage tool. All of our agents will be uniformed, obvious, and in plain sight.


Productivity: To keep the roads in good condition, to build new ones, and to promote you, a fair gross revenue investment is in place and set at 6%.

Keep in mind however that, in the best interest of everyone, each area must be managed to potential. If not, we reserve the right to allow another manager to assist.

If, in the following annual renewal the area remains less than buoyant, the we retain the right to redistribute the lease.

This is not to say that we will always exercise this option, as we desire above all for everyone to succeed and will explore every avenue we can to make it happen if at all possible.