The World's First Cyber Teleport

The Future is Now -

Travel-in-Seconds - to any place on earth, need not physically transport the body, only the senses.

A study by Oklahoma State University found, that our experience of existence, is conveyed 83%, by sight, and 11%, by sound.

Thus - by delivering remote, near live point of view sight and sound, 94% of the experience of being there is reproduced.

Yet, Being there goes beyond Sight & Sound.

So we go even further -

Taking You There

Going Beyond -

How we push deeper - into reality, is by placing Live verbal communication, movement, direction of sight, and even handling of objects, under your personal, interactive direction.

We name this innovation: Cyber Teleportation™ or Cyber Beaming™.
To secure the Life Saving, and Life Enhancing uses it provides for us, and to protect your Safety & Privacy, we have built a pending patent around the process.

For a Stable and Undiluted experience -

New Era Services

Futuristic offerings - Ready, Today -

Now You - can open a service which is both exciting, and simultaneously, ultra-beneficial right out of the box.

Take the hand - of a client living in a dark northern latitude, and Cyber Beam them into a Lush Amazon rain forest, or a Gorgeous beach in Brazil. All from the safety, and comfort of their living room!

Set up - the most unique and effective personal shopping service in any area of the globe.

Become - one of the most unique and in demand tour guides ever, as you beam of your clients into places they could never go otherwise.

Offering Exciting - and interesting diversions, or smart and productive alternatives to physical travel, is a business which gives so much to anyone and everyone, that you can expand as fast as your capabilities, and desires.

Be a Life Enhancing Muse !

Offering Solid Solutions

Amazing Beneficial Uses -

Give - business owners the ability to actually browse, inspect, then buy inventory from foreign lands, without knowing the language, and without travel expenditures.

Envision - a flower shop owner in the USA having the capability to personally pick her batch of flowers from Holland.

Allow - collectors, to identify and purchase rare items, without leaving home.

Build - safety zones where now none exist, to secure children, or the elderly.

Only The Tip of the Iceberg -

Times of Dire Need

People Under Pressure -

Today - travel from our homes for any reason, equates to: Crowds, traffic, road rage, collisions, crime, terrorism, unpredictable weather, and frustrating losses of precious time, and hard-earned money.

For All - the above reasons & more, based upon a green consciousness, new convenience based services, are in high demand, and are growing at an exponential rate.

Numerous - service Apps to your door are in full bloom, yet you can offer so much more.

The Ultimate Life Upgrade -

Uncompromising - Convenience

Leaps above 1st Class -

With YouBeam - many of the ugly wrinkles of everyday life, can be beautifully ironed out.

The world can be handled from any vantage or distance, we decide.

Cyber Teleportation - will at once open our cities, our countries and our world; while simultaneously, granting us the freedom of space and time, to relax when we need or desire it most.

Imagine - having the capability to be anywhere; touring the world in your bathrobe.

Check up - on your children and see, through their eyes, exactly where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing.

Benefit - from the expertise of doctors, consultants, and professionals of all kinds, without having to leave your home.

Shop - for homes in other cities, scout neighborhoods, schools or companies to work for.

All - of these services and many more, from an ingenious new medium, that is geared to Produce, Entertain & Amaze.

Service Ideas are virtually Unlimited -



Your Kingdom Awaits

The Final Frontier Real Estate Boom -

Golden Zones - are now available, where interest is sparkling, and thousands of transactions are taking place every hour: From purchases, scouting, meetings, tours & more.

Now you - can intelligently streamline many of those events, by leveling the obstacles of physical travel.

In Addition - Opening your area to the world, expands opportunities for every individual, and business in your district; making you, very popular indeed.

Area Area Area - as they say, is still true as ever today, as some areas are ripe and ready to slide right in, and transform your life.

Be Who You were Born To Be !

Income and Pricing

Your Destiny, Your Hands -

Pricing - You Decide your own rates, and the fact that you can save so many, time, money, and hassles, your prices can be at once fair to your clients, and remain profitable for you.

Profits - You retain the lion's share of what you earn, minus a small licensing investment, which is flat rate and based purely on actual revenue received.

This allows - us to build, maintain, & promote you, and the Cyber roads; and for you, to Grow & Prosper, like a spring orchard in a fertile valley.
Now - Your Income, is truly under your control.

Would you have it any other way ?

The Bridge to Success

"Challenges are Bridges to Solutions, & Solutions, are Bridges to Success." - Kevin Hall - Founder

The powerful life challenges that our founder has overcome, shape our business model.

Our Goals:

1 - Build and Sustain a bridge of communication, to help close the gaps in human perceptions.

2 - Assist deserving people, build a place of their own in this world, and control their destinies.

We believe: Proliferating opportunity Cultivates Better Lives, which equates to a Better World.

YouBeam = A Positive Force !

The Three Keys

The Flourishing Ones -

Our Criteria has nothing to do with degrees or origins.

First - We seek people who have come to understand, that all the positive human attributes, are universal, not divided by borders, gender, or labels. People are people the world over, and the vast majority seek only to live a good clean life for those around them, and for those which will come.

Second - If you can grasp the benefits and vast potential of this remarkable innovation, you will rise quickly; as this clarity of vision, is essential to building your dream.

Third - Though Every business will be privately owned & run, it is essential for our joint success, that we all work together in coordination under the umbrella; as our unity will serve as our protection, and teleport to beam all over this earth.

Hand in Hand, we Encircle the World -

The Path

An Exciting Passage To a New Life -

Our Pioneer Partner Period - is open, where a person can lay claim a famous area, and thereby a legacy.

Of course - this period, by its very nature, is limited.

With that in mind - If you have Any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us before someone else locks up, what is best meant for You.

To those who are ready - to fence their land, and reap the astounding benefits, which come to those who see, and act, ahead of the curve, the next logical step, is to apply for an area to call your own.

Areas are locked - via priority of request date, and Prime areas will go quickly.

To apply is simple - As you fill out your area request, please tell us a bit about yourself, and your vision.

We will contact you for a chance to talk and get to know one another, before we move forward.

Here to help you build your dream !