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What are we ?

A New Millennium Transport System. Building a Road To Near Instant Global Access. Details below.

Benefits ?

Transport in Seconds Offers a Sea of Possibilities for Users or Providers alike. Click below for Details.

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Key question!

The road we are building, will provide near instant access to moments in time and place, from as close as next door, to as far as the other side of the globe.

At the very moment you are reading this, for example, there are thousands opportunities for each of us, dispersed from where you sit, to the far reaches of the planet.

The barrier is distance.

However, covering distance equates to expenditures of time, money and a multitude of hassles, and even hazards. Yet if you reach your destination via conventional means, it may be different than you had imagined, and the opportunity you were seeking, may have long passed down the river of time.

So getting back to your question, what you can help us build and offer, is the ability not only to search for opportunities globally, but then to reach them in seconds, at a great saving in hard earned capital and in precious time.

I hope this helps you envision our service.

Thank you for the great question.
Another excellent question.

Clients will come from a variety of sources; If you already have a territory or any kind, business, social group, associates or family, you already have good start to build clients from word of mouth.

We do prefer however, to hire associates which have some structures in place, even if it's just a contact list.

This is not to say that our company won't be doing advertising, as good deal of our effort will go towards getting the word out.
We would just like all who sign up to be able to prosper right out of the gate.

That said: Understand however, that no matter where you start, being involved with a new technological innovation in any kind, which involves smart phones, human connectivity, the internet and travel, is about as smart as you can get.

We are now living in the most technological age in history; and is ever expanding, to the point that what we see today, will be understood as only the tip of a vast iceberg, as other countries are now racing to join in.

There is a catch however. Even though this time of technological wild fires we are living in, is so powerful, that it allows many new whims, which offer no solid benefits to also catch fire, the vast majority will burn themselves out in short order

The reason behind their short life spans is related to fuel, they are made of fluff, low substance.

What separates temporary trends, from permanent shifts, is: Fulfilling a need, Improving a situation, Solving a problem.

Our breakthrough, CyberTele, does all of these and more: Giving people in essence the earth, and with it, thousands of potential opportunities daily to do business, find excitement, delve into all the fascinating patterns of cultural life.

While at the same time, giving them back hard earned money, and precious time, which equates to extending the pleasure, and duration of life.

Additionally, businesses of every type will be displaying our logos and offering these fantastic capabilities to their clients, and not only to prove that they too are up on the latest and greatest, but because it boosts their bottom line. Saves them tons to money and resources while increasing their business globally.

The best news is that CyberTele, is a breakthrough in Social communications. It brings a whole extra level of human contact and understanding between human beings; which is here to stay.

We hope this answers your question in a round about way, yet the bottom line is, that the paths to new customers in this business, are infinite, from partnering with other businesses to making sure your business has style and substance thus will earn an excited and loyal following, to finding ways for your customers to find you.

Thanks for the great question.
We believe that most can, and indeed should work for themselves.
Especially today when so many companies are folding or laying off.

Not to mention that of those which gain financial independence, 99% are self employed.

It also does not hurt, to be at the right place, at the right time; and this is exactly the right place, and time.

To be an integral part, of building a new history making, communication and travel mode, which opens the world to us all, and saves us so much money and time; while also helping to reduce green house gases by a large degree, is a chance of a millennium !

It is also fun, entertaining, and oh-so interesting.

Thus if one were to select a first or final path to self employment, then this business would be a most intelligent choice.

Further we believe the vast majority of us work better when working at our own projects.

To prove it, we are placing our beliefs on the line, by foregoing many of the barriers to achievement, that we believe are artificial.

So no matter where you come from, no matter what you were told, if you have a desire to make a new life for yourself. We will give you that opportunity.
Interesting inquiry.

That depends on your goals, desires, and capabilities.

If you want, for example to be a tour host, and you have a true love of your locale, know it well, and are very good with people, then it may be best if you start on your own to learn all aspects of the job before you hire others, as it will give you insights into what your employees will encounter, and ways to handle any situation.

It will also give you a feel of what you are looking for in hosts you want to hire.

On the other hand, if your expertise is more on the management side, and you prefer to work on the business from a head position, as long as you understand that whomever you hire, must have a personality which people love to encounter, in addition to being responsible and good at their chosen specialty, then why not go straight into management ?
A much asked question.

In answer: We don't discriminate, nor tolerate 'ISMS' of any kind. Your Ethnicity, Gender, Nationality, Preferences, or any other factor are not negatives, but strengths.

As for age, we go by physical age, not chronological.

In other words, if you can physically do the job, you can work. We find that mature people have a wealth of knowledge and great personalities.

With regards to accreditations: If you have a degree, fantastic, if you do not, it isn't a deal breaker.

Our criteria, are real world common sense, innate wisdom, values, positivity, and a good eye for potential.

We have found that there are many people without degrees, which are just as knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and capable as any other.

As a matter of fact, many of the founders and CEOs of major corporations like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as example, were not college educated, but self educated.

We also find that life, especially travel is the best teacher.

Who we do however, especially value people with vision, and drive. The vision to see how powerful and beneficial this business is; and the drive to make a new life for themselves in this exciting business.

There may be licensing however for certain transactions, which can be worked out by finders fees until obtained.

Thank you for the question!
Great inquiry.

One of the most potent aspects of this business, is the fact that everyone can benefit from our service.

Very few businesses can make that claim.
This fact alone makes the potential of our service staggeringly high.

But we don't stop there; the fact that we are saving individuals and businesses great sums of money and time, equates to astounding profits.


Because we don't deficit, we give, and people are more than willing to share a portion of what you save them, as they still come out way ahead.

Another aspect which makes our service so amazing is the fact that it's entertaining, interesting and fun; and not only for our clients, but for ourselves.
This key factor translates into a glowing, positive atmosphere. One which we all will want to experience time, and time again.

Getting back to your question however; Though it depends somewhat, on your area, your associate level and your ability to get the word out - in each area, there are thousands of transactions taking place daily, and in so many sectors; from personal, to business.

Many varieties of interchanges occur, from simple purchases, to events, to communications between family, friends, and colleagues and even searches for a myriad of items, places, situations, people, and ideas.

Not to mention, that these numerous transactions are happening even before our service is introduced; the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

However, once CyberTele is introduced, the amount of possible transactions has the potential to rise steeply.

This is due to two factors:
One - once local people gain the ability to reach any destination by remote travel, foregoing traffic, parking and hassles, and if necessary, including same day delivery, the amount of in-city visitors will increase.

Two - simultaneously, when distance is no longer a factor, national and international visitors become available as well, and thus business and contact between people will expand exponentially.

Therefore, no matter what you decide to do, as long as you do it well, your income is totally within your power to control.

Now, you have several ways to earn money as a Host:

You can earn not only transaction amounts per guest assisted, but commissions from the businesses you guide them to.

In addition there are potential hours of work from every business and household you sign up.

Earning avenues for Agents, are even more numerous. From manufacturing, wholesale, retail and entertainment - to name a few - agents can partake in a smorgasbord of exciting income producing activities.

In addition, commissions derived from the transactions agents perform, are in the high ticket realm.

See a few available area uses here.

Lastly, since we desire all areas to be developed to full potential, we will assist you, if needed.
The answer to this essential question is layered, as it depends upon several factors.

For example: Let us say you were in Los Angeles, personal shopping for a client in Manhattan, who buys rare antique clothing and Jewelry to resell.

She usually flies to L.A. several times a year, but now, thanks to you, she has the chance to save a great deal on airfare, hotel, car rental, meals, tips and time.

Now, what if together, you found some rare, brand name, ex-movie star worn items, which are worth much more to her, than the asking prices.

You even got her a better deal, because either you know the shop owners, or they were excited to gain some national exposure in Cyber Teleportation.
The shops even gave you a commission on the side.

As for your time and cost: It took you 4 hours and 20 miles miles of driving and you are going to ship the items to her via over night express.

Now, how much time and money did you save her from having to fly across country ? She will recognize this fact and will compensate you fairly.

Would $500.00 for the day, be too much ? Too little ? Not at all.
Exactly how much you charge is totally up to you; however, if you keep in mind, that the better deal you offer her, the more times she will return, and will spread the word about you to her friends and family.

This of course needs to be balanced without under-charging, as you never want to be under-valued, or under-fund your business.

We hope this helps you.
Thank you for the question !
Essential question.

Our founder's first and foremost reason for the personnel structure of this business, was to give as many people as he could, a chance at being Independent and Secure.
Read his life story here.

Being independent however means, starting our own enterprises; and when we start an enterprise, there will always be investments in time and capital.

Additionally, people who own a part of the pie, are much happier and caring about what they do, and this will reflect in how our customers are treated.

This is no ordinary business model however: We built this structure with a firm goal in mind: To be as Organic as possible.
Which means that it must grow naturally, sustaining itself from a seed, into a large tree.

In addition it must do so while supporting many thousands of good people, who are separate and independent, yet all have two aspects in common: A dedication to developing this amazing evolution; and to be a positive benefit for all the people we assist. Including their neighborhoods, societies, and the planet.

We did however work to keep all investment amounts as small as humanly possible; and most will probably be greatly surprised just how low it can be.

Thanks again for the inquiry.
We brainstormed this issue for months, because we had no desire to solicit outside investors, which would insist on taking control, and thus the lion's share of the earnings away from our agents and hosts.

However we were aware that a portion of the best potential agents and hosts, would be coming from situations which made it difficult to come up with all but the lowest investment amounts.

Since one of our goals is to help as many people as we can, to escape instability, or lives which are not worthy of them, we decided to lower the area reservation investments for the first year.

Doing so allows our associates to build their businesses without pressure.

After your question however, the CEO states that we could consider your suggestion on a case, by case basis.

So, if you have a solid hardship reason for your request, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

This is not a promise to approve however, as some applicants, would be best to start on a basic area to gain experience, before taking on the challenge of a prime area, and, not all applicants have what it takes to succeed in this business; only that we will take the time to speak with you, and sincerely attempt to assist.

We hope this helps.
Thanks for the inquiry.

Yes. We suggest that you hire Independent contractors not only for simplicity sake, but as unlike a w2 employee you will not be required to take taxes from their pay checks. They are responsible for paying their own taxes.

The benefits; are that as an independent business person, they can deduct many business related expenses, i.e. gas, service lines, phone purchases, phone service, equipment, a portion of their rent or mortgage for their home office, ect.

In addition, since they are their own boss, it gives you more time to developing the business itself !
Technology is and will always be in constant states of flux.

Though there are a few cameras slated to release later this, or next year. Experience tells us that release dates are always pushed back, and then back further. Some vanishing completely, or disappointing, like the Pivot head smart for example.

In the mean time, prime service areas will be all gone. Thus we say it's smarter to lock your area and use the tech which is available today; then later upgrade if necessary. You can always trade up.

The good news is that what is available today will work just fine when used in conjunction with body control and a bit of training.

Full details available to agents.
The variety and ranges are vast in this area, from the types, immersive qualities and of course the prices.

You could spend anywhere from $75 to $7,500; and could be surprised that your $75 investment gave you a better experience.

Full details available for agents .

Thank you !
Smart question.

As of now, available technology for video transmission, brings us up to sub-minute speeds. Ranging from 3 to 45 seconds to reach any destination on earth.

Though instantaneous video transmission is still in the works, sub-minute travel is a fantastic breakthrough, eons beyond physical travel.

Near instant travel also affords us numerous global opportunities to access, and fantastic vantages to enrich our lives.

It's also exciting to know that these fields are evolving, as are all the technologies we use in this medium.

Thus we are sitting at the right place and time, to learn, and utilize all that has, and will continue to come down the road. Doing so, will earn us valuable experience and mastery over this field, which in turn will allow us to lead, and develop.

We must however keep in mind, that the road we are building, consists at the core, of the hearts, minds, and souls our people; hence the tools of technology are secondary.

Thanks for the question.
Though Google glass was a technology, not exactly a transport/communications platform, we will address your question.

Google glass was more of a wearable computer, and though has one low resolution camera mounted on the side, and a small low grade, corner mounted optical lens for viewing with one eye, it does not, either on the send or receiving end, bring one even close to being there.

Google glass is one of the many late arrivals to the conception of the Point of View or POV live format.

Their vision like all, is one sided, to either sending, or receiving.

As in the case of Oculus Rift, created for video gaming, though immersive on the receiving end, to a point.

Though Facebook founder Mr. Zuckerberg purchased the rights to the Rift, and talks about expanding possible uses, he too, though a visionary thinker, cannot jump the gap to decades of thought in one swoop, but can only touch on certain possibilities.

Getting back to Google Glass however, being new to the concept and process, their vision is also very limited. For example, wearers of Google glass in San Francisco, the city where silicon valley was born, were experiencing a growing and sometimes violent backlash against Google glass, as people considered them an invasion of privacy.

Additionally, some cities banned the use of Google glass while driving, as the lens mounted screen can be a distraction and cause auto accidents. Consequently, Google glass has failed, and they no longer sell or promote the product.
You have hit on a strong and important point; that the guest experience is the most important part of the any delivery.

Though quality image stabilization technology and wide angles of view, are highly essential, the over all importance of a good delivery will come from the host's ability to provide enjoyable experiences.

This requires a whole new type of awareness, body control and communications, which some will excel in, but all can learn.

As for cameras, once you become an agent, all that information will become available to you.

Thanks for the question.
Today an all-in-one system does not exist, as this whole concept is new.

However we don't believe that the sending and receiving ends will ever, nor should ever completely converge, due to the fact that either would suffer as a consequence of a need to compromise.

For example, looking at the receiving or display end, a smaller screen for more portability would diminish the immersive experience.

With regards to each side however, we are designing glasses which have features built in, which now require accessory inputs.

But for now, accessories do provide a medium of choice and adaptability, to each unique circumstance and requirement.

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