"Your location Can Be Your Legacy,
- Always keep the Future in mind, while dealing in the moment." Kevin Hall - Founder

Build A Team

Be an inspiring Leader

If you can manage people, and consider yourself a leader with bold and creative spirit, then from between ocean, to sky, there are no limits. You can build a team as large and diverse as you can handle from Hosts or Agents, Business or Pleasure.


Let your Imagination Soar

Unleash your creativity in your chosen area, allowing your mind to explode with new ideas. From the creative outlets of POV entertainment, to novel business services, expand the limits of your horizons, and discover the benefits of blazing new trails.

The Deep Blue

The Great Beyond is Your office

Now you have the opportunity to make a living from what you love to do. Whether it be giving excitement tours, showing sophisticated urban delights, or gorgeous green spaces, make your life one long vacation, and meet new friends along the way.

Night Life

Magical Evenings

By Showcasing all the best dining, dancing and shows; by revealing the charming romantic spots, and beautiful night views, you are not only promoting your city, the businesses there will appreciate your presence and roll out the red carpets for you.


A Thousand Ways To Be
From A to Z


Drive an Exotic car and Get Paid for it !

Auto dealers can hire talented host agents to remotely demonstrate car capabilities by requests to potential clients in much more effective manners which take into account the users desires.


Sell Real Estate to a World Wide Market, or set up area Agents !

Real estate sales people can use personable hosts to show homes or commercial properties remotely from unique and personalized perspectives to a worldwide market, including neighborhoods, schools, shopping and area charms.


A New and Exciting, form of Entertainment Media is Born !

The creation of Point of View movies, documentaries, and shows that place the viewer into the body of the star, will take the world by storm. You can be a New Star, Writer, Producer, or Director, or Your area can be THE place to film and licensed through you.


Create a Novel and New type of International Dating Service !

Allowing people to link into each others lives via the use of a host avatar or more than one, offers essential insights and a fun new way to meet. As if you were there with them, see their mannerisms, hear their voices, see their hands, their hair, the way they move and carry themselves, and allow them to do the same. So much time, money, and feelings can be saved this way.


Shops allow GLOBAL Buyers to Handle & Buy wares remotely !

Shops of every type can sell merchandise remotely, and Globally in ways that are much more dynamic than internet or magazine shopping. Demonstrate and show items live, as if your hands were the buyers. Speak to their concerns, answer questions, and earn sales.


Be Paid to Attend Sporting, Concerts, Shows and Events !

Attend events for your global guests and get paid to do it ! Show Venues can also sell tickets Internationally !


The Home Doctor Visit makes a Comeback !

In cases when physical travel or time presents barriers, Doctors, Counselors, Therapists, Psychiatrists can be there to save and enhance human life remotely, as if there.


Teaching and Learning Expanded Infinitely Beyond Borders !

As a teaching method, there can be no better; as The Cyber Teleport allows many more experts teach they know one to one in an unlimited range of areas, and without regards to distances.


Parents can Be There when Needed !

Parents or Guardians or Mentors can monitor the young as they travel, or simply be there to guide them through those important, dangerous, or challenging moments in life.


Adventure Travel Agencies Like No Others !

If you Hire people that Ocean Dive, Ski, Sky dive, Explore, Hike, or do any activity where excitement is the rule, then you can take others there, and give them the thrill ride of their lives !


Shows of every Type can Now Sell Tickets Internationally !

By use of Cyber Teleport hosts, any show can sell tickets globally for remote viewing, and fill capacity way beyond the physical capabilities of your building.


Engineering a Better World !

Engineers, builders, water sanitation experts can guide communities all over the world to build better infrastructure for themselves, and in doing so save lives and resources. No better way to gain satisfaction in life than by helping others, either free or for pay.


Translating Expanded Exponentially !

Translators can offer their services to many more people and globally, in many situations.


Sunshine and Life for those who Cannot Leave their Homes !

Invalids or shut-ins can now travel and see the world and interact with it, and possibly, if only a mental barrier exist will be able to overcome their condition and step into the outside world.


The Sight or Hearing Impaired can also Benefit !

As sound can be 3d or stereo and POV video is there, sight or hearing impaired people can still utilize the system for business, education or pleasure.


Personal Shoppers to the World !

With the ability to pick up and examine items at the remote guest's request, as if they were there, and also get questions answered on the spot, Personal shoppers can be much more effective for their clients, and also expand nationally, or even globally.


A Smarter and Safer way to GPS !

The Cyber Teleport can be used as a GPS system guided via voice to the driver live, from a Parent or Friend, or hired Host who knows the area. No more turning away from the action to look at a screen, no more confusing and sometimes inaccurate suggestions. As a plus, insights for secret stops, and good company along the way.


Hotels can Book rooms More Efficiently !

By allowing travelers to see the rooms, amenities and the views. Booking can be a breeze.


Do Business for Any County, you share a language with !

By being a foreign agent for foreign clients, you can visit local manufacturers, trade shows or numerous other locations for them. With your guest present virtually, you can translate on the spot, examine the smallest details, offer insights, and with developed connections, close better deals for them. By also saving them trouble, time and money in travel fees, you will be earning a substantial income !


Do Business in Any County, NO MATTER THE LANGUAGE !

By hiring key select foreign locals to attend business meetings, manufacturers, trade shows, etc. They can translate on the spot, examine the smallest details, offer insights, and help close deals.


Do Business in Areas which May Contain Barriers for you !

People can do business in areas which contain safety, economic or problematic concerns for them, but not to the host. This allows you to get the best merchandise and deals possible.


Becoming Real life Angels, to the Lonely, Lost or Needy !

People can help others in any way they choose to. We can guide, offer support, tips, knowledge and insight, and even simply company when they are lonely; like a light in the darkness to escort them into life.


Become a Rental Agent like No Other !

By allowing your viewers to see the rental properties in POV, you can rent all types of units from business to residential and to a global market.


An avenue to Tasteful and Secure Mature Entertainment !

Not only an exciting new approach, but a much smarter and effective way to keep those under age from viewing it. Plus, much tighter privacy, security & safety for the participants.


Building, Business Location or Land Scouts !

Play an essential time and money saving role for Global builders, by scouting out areas for their buildings or businesses.


Be a Conduit for Global or National Family or Friend visitations !

If someone is unable to travel for any reason yet desires to attend family or friends' events, you can take them there.


These are only a Few of the infinite possibilities of The Cyber Teleport !

You will discover many more, and the more creative you become, the higher your income !