The Concept

Our founder: The self taught, researcher, philosopher, scientist, inventor, artist, and writer, was gifted from birth with an uncanny ability to solve large and very complex problems; yet life for him personally, was a confused tangle of torn or destroyed relationships, and closed in spaces. This was due to great gulfs of communication and perception chasms, which he could not find ways to bridge.
Though he loved people, and devoted himself totally to improving the human condition, he found himself a misunderstood outsider, in every area of his life, including within his own family. A puzzle that caused him untold grief.
This disconnect in his life, led to isolation, which he used to study and invent; though conversely, it also led to abuse, and even homelessness.
The great difficulty he experienced with communication, gave rise to a burning desire to bridge the gap in human understanding.
From his love of the technological, and his goal to connect human minds, came a concept: The most effective way to truly comprehend another's perspective, would be a system which delivered live remote experiences electronically, ear to ear, and eye to eye.
In 1975 at age 19 he invented fiber optics based video send/receive glasses, yet portable signal delivery systems were not available at that time.
Today, the delivery technology has finally caught up to his ideas, yet not his full comprehension of application, and utilization.
Our unique methodology, of human to human point-of-view, via head or body worn cameras & microphones, transmitting live, to face mounted displays, is a World First.

In addition, though others have just recently awakened to partial uses of current technology, with face to face conferencing, or human to machine pov, our company's matured, fully realized vision, goes decades of thought beyond outside reach.
This seasoned maturity, gives us not only the vision to comprehend the full range of benefits, but the potential societal ramifications, both positive and negative, which should be enhanced or avoided.
To be exact: Since our founder's concept was laid out in blueprint form, over 40 years of attentive, expansive, refinement have accumulated.

Our Mission

We at Teleport 1, are devoted to developing, growing and maintaining this smart mode of travel, and positive medium of communications between the global community; which will lessen our human footprint on this earth, while building bonds between diverse peoples who share love, and respect, for all human life.
Communications is the base of understanding between people, and we can not think of a better way to foster peace between all, than having the capability to view life through another's perspective.

Our locked Pledges

In order to retain the viability and acceptance of our agents in the communities in which they work, and to protect the life saving and enhancing capabilities this system brings to humanity, we live by the following:
1. We pledge to honor personal privacy.
We will not as a company allow our network to be used to purposely impede privacy for any reason.
2. We will be public and transparent; accepting all rules and laws of each location we find ourselves.
3. We will do all within our power to protect this road, from all possible imitations and distortions.
In addition, as we strive to be an unbiased link between people, we must remain non-political, and neutral.
For additional details on our privacy and use policies see our links at the bottom of the page.
"The saying: 'Walk a mile in someone's shoes' was always a literal goal for me. How else could a person fully comprehend another's point of view? Well now we can do just that."
CEO and Founder Kevin Hall